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Jamnalal Bajaj, the founder of the Bajaj Group, has not only been an industrialist but also a philanthropist and freedom fighter. They were married at the age of 12 only and they are also known as the Fifth sons of Mahatma Gandhi.

Jamnalal Bajaj founded the Bajaj Group in 1926, with his son Kamalnayan Bajaj, and they started a sugar factory in Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh. They don't stick to only sugar but they go into various sectors like electrical appliances, automobiles, and finance and today it is one of the largest conglomerates in India.



Jamnalal Bajaj had a strong commitment that businesses should contribute to the development of society. He established the Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation, which supports various causes such as education, healthcare, and rural development. He focuses on customer satisfaction with the products. He always provides their customers with very high-quality products with affordability due to which the customer used to stay connected with them for years. Another, Jamnalal Bajaj was always ready to encourage his employees to come forward for innovations. He gave a lot of priority to innovation in his group.

Jamnalal Bajaj did not leave his business only depending on one or two things, but he also worked in different sectors such as finance, automobiles, etc because of which there are so many companies in the Bajaj Group today. Bajaj Group is never against the partnership in fact they established partnerships with various international companies to bring new technologies and products to India.

Jamnalal Bajaj establishes the Bajaj Foundation which helps various healthcare and education. Its legacy continues to inspire millions of people today and his contribution to the Indian economy can never be forgotten.


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