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Updated: Oct 5, 2022


Before world war, ll India have several foreign and Indian paint industry companies, but during World war ll a temporary ban was applied on the face in India. A 26-year-old guy Champaklal choksey see the opportunity in the paint sector, he decided to start their own business and they start their company with three friends. Asian paints were established in 1942 in Mumbai India, From 1942 to the present Asian paints is a leader in the paint industry.


Champak Lal Choksey makes strategies for their company. They first investigate the market for opportunities, then they launch their products. They always find gaps in the market and by use of their clever mind they use it in their business. Due to their customer-centric behavior, Asian paints is the leader in the paint industry of India.

They start their journey with decorative paints. Mr. choksey had a challenge with how they show Asian paints as a brand? They had not any distribution network and big cities dealers always use Asian paints for orders. But Mr. Chokset did not give up and he went to rural areas and open their first dealership in Maharashtra Sangli. Small cities dealers feel proud because they directly purchase from companies instead of dealers and they get paints at affordable prices. Pongal is a festival of Tamilnadu and pola celebrated in Maharashtra. In both festivals people worship bulls. They paint their bull's horns with bright paint.

Mr. Choksey sees opportunities and they decide to launch bright paints in small quantity cans (100-150 ml). Mr. Choksey also sees that bulls always put their horns in mud, so they decide paint quality must stay for a long-lasting effect. They launch bright paints in small quantity cans(100-150 ml). And Asian paint got huge success in this strategy. Also, Asian paints catch the eye of big distributors and distributors who refuse the Asian paints before they are ready to sell the Asian paints products.

Mr. Choksey also notice that lime (chuna) is often automatically faded and stick on clothes. And plastic emulsion is 5 times more costly than lime (chuna), so people often use lime instead of plastic emulsion. So Mr. Choksey finds this market gap and launch their company's washable distemper which is slightly costly than lime (chuna). This washable distemper got a bumper success in the upcoming days. Due to this in 1967 Asian paints is the biggest company of paint in India.

Mr. Choksey notices that to expand the business of Asian paints they need to hire talented people. This decision of promoters is game-changing for Asian paints. People who hire Asian paints from 1970 - 1980 are also presently working in Asian paints. Present CEO of Asian paints Mr. KBS Anand also work for Asian paints since 1970.


Asian Paints is No-1 Due to Management and their Good decisions.

1. Early Adopt Technology- Asian Paints Adopted Computer in 1974. Various Companies using computers for payroll and administration processes, While Asian Paints use data analytics with help of computers. Asian Paints search the demand and supply with help of data analytics, Computer Help Asian Paints to manage their inventory in a better way.

2. Core Business Focus- Asian Paints always Focus on Core Business While Company's competitor Jenson and Nicholson Diversified into Hotels, financial services, and weighing machine businesses.

3. Innovation- Company Always Develop new Products according to Demand in Market. Always they First See the Demand and Innovate New Product as per people Choice.

4. Work Culture- Asian Paints Management Never Interfere in Professional Tasks, Asian Paints Professionals always Produce Best Result for Company as they work for their Company.




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