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India is a Market where affordable things with value for money always dominate, whether it is a computer, gadget, FMCG product, or mobile. In this blog, we talk about how Oneplus dominated the Indian market. What is the strategy of Oneplus to dominate the Indian Market?

How Iron Man Helps Oneplus to stand out as a Brand in Crowded Space.


Many of you must have seen that there was a time when the Oneplus brand was just one of the most functional underrated brands in India. and it is only popular among tech enthusiasts, but suddenly with the launch of Oneplus 7, The Oneplus tag became one of the most popular brands in India. And you could literally see Oneplus 7 phones everywhere in 2019. In fact at one point in 2019 Oneplus was selling more phones than Apple and Samsung combined.



In spite of the phone market being so crowded with Vivo, Oppo, Samsung, Huawei, and Apple, how did Oneplus become a legend?

If you look at the pricing of phones in India back in 2019. you will see that Iphone was the costliest with a pricing of 85000 rupees,

Samsung s10 is priced at 55,000 rupees plus.

Oppo, Vivo's other companies were primarily focused on selling phones below 25,000 rupees.

Now although they had costlier phones in India the focus of these companies was more on 25,000 rupees and below that price range.

Now you see there is a huge gap that's left out between 25,000 rupees to 55,000 rupees, which was only being addressed by Samsung, Then as we all know Samsung phones do not offer as much value for money as its counterparts and this audience.

This was the most premium unaddressed and more importantly a large audience, that was left untapped, and here's where we saw the rise of two phones number one was Xiaomi mi 9 at 31,000 rupees. And one Plus 7 was priced at 35,000 rupees and both these phones positioned themselves exactly in between 25000 to 55,000 rupees price range, and they both had insane specs and offered way more value for money as compared to Samsung phones.



The question is why didn't Mi9 become a market leader like Oneplus? Well, that is because Oneplus built a crazy level of aspirational value for its brand, because of getting endorsed by none other than Robert Downey Jr himself. Now We don't know how many of you noted this. But then in the exact same year, the Avengers end game hype was at its peak, because when Endgame was about to release in 2019 and everybody knew what an insane fan base Robert Downey Jr has in India, and this aspirational value is something where Xiaomi lagged. Because of this Oneplus won a huge fan of Robert Downey Jr, but the fact is that the aspirational value that Robert Downey jr's endorsement got to Oneplus, got enough people to see Oneplus as a premium brand, which got enough people to buy the phone.


After that when people saw that the tech was genuinely the best you could find in that range, it eventually led to positive word of mouth. And hence Oneplus 7 became one of the best-selling phones in India in 2019. Now if you own a Oneplus you must have also noticed that you actually considered buying an Iphone but when you saw the stupendous difference between the price of Oneplus and an Iphone, Oneplus by default looked like an obvious and the most comfortable choice of all. Therefore the Oneplus brand was able to build an aspirational value in the minds of the premium customers in India, because of which it was able to beat Xiaomi. And was able to tap into those users who were premium customers but could not buy an iPhone.



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