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Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Money is a Need to survive life, Once Again I repeat "Survive the life", Understand, you earn money and for survival, you lost your money through expenses. Means you earn money and You Lost them every month.

If your Financial knowledge is nothing then You come in above category person, you earn money and Lost them by your expenses. Now Read this Full Article and take action for your future.

We Will Cover in this article 3 Types of People and How they Grow their Income, Power of Investment, and a Book that can Change your Life if You Apply them in Your Life.


Money Makes you Rich and Wealthy. Sometimes You will be Thinks "I Earn Money but I am not Live Life as I want". This is Every Person Problem who is doing Job. They Have not enough Knowledge of finances. They are Stuck in Rat Race. You Surely appreciate this article if you Read it Full.

To Grow Your Money You Must be Knowledge of How to Make Money Fast, First Keep in Mind always View your Surrounding as an Entrepreneur Mindset. Means your Mindset is Everything. We are not forced to Quit your Job, but you can't Grow your Financials if you Doing the Only job, You will Generate Another Source of Income Called Passive Income, For Passive Income You can do the following things-

  1. Sell stuff on E-commerce.

  2. Work for an Intellectual Property like Writing Books, Sing a Sing.

  3. Write Blogs

  4. Renting Income

  5. Affiliate Marketing

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There Are Three Types of People in this World, We Will Discuss them One By One From Below Examples.

You Must Have a Secondary Income to Make Money Fast, If you do not want to work for secondary Income, then Follow Below Example.

EXAMPLE-1 (People Who have Only One Source of Income)

Follow the 80,20 Rule, First of all, Save 20% from your Salary. Means If your Salary is 20,000 INR then you save 4000 INR Every Month. Keep in Mind must Save 20% of your Money. You can Open an RD or FD to Keep them safe. In 1 year you Have 48,000 INR. Now you will take this money and Go For Shopping, you can Buy from this your Costly Mobile and Jewelry. But if you will Doing this then you are a big fool person in this entire world. Now save more money, after 2 years you have 96,000 INR.

Now your Saving Time is Over, Pick 50,000 INR from your Savings. Now Compound your money by Investment. Take a Bold Decision and Open Your Investment Account. Today's Time Investment Account is Easily open. We Give you Suggestion Below on How You Can Open Investment Account Free, So Read the Full Article. First of all Keep Learning How To Invest, you can also Follow a Financial Advisor's advice. Your 50,000 INR is converted into 5 Lakh INR if you Pick a good stock, Keep in Mind Investment is the Subject of Market Risk, First Confirm with a Financial Advisor or Research about your Investment. Stock Market is The Best Example to Compound Your Money. In 1 to 5 years your 50,000 INR is Compounded into Much Money Like 5 Lakh INR.

You Invested your 50,000 Bucks but you still have 46,000 INR. You may also Invest your 46 Thousand into Stock Market but also Take the Safe side because you have not secondary Income, so Invest in Gold. Gold is Safest Income from the Past because this always gives a good return. so 1 side Take a Little Risk and 2nd Side stay safe. As you Achieve your Target you can withdraw your Money by Selling your Stocks.

you can Invest More as your Capacity. Note that Above Example is only for those who have only one source of income.

EXAMPLE-2 (People Who Have More Sources of Money)-

Always Follow 80,20 Rule. if You have only one source of income, but you want to Make money by Secondary Source, Than Follow the 80,20 Rule for your Working Hours. Not for Money. When you make a secondary income then Invest 50% of your Secondary Income in Investment.

Just Imagine if you make 40,000 INR from your Second Source of money then Invest 20,000 In Stocks Every Month, Keep in Mind Always Learn about the Share Market because Half of Knowledge is Very Dangerous for your Financials.

You can also Invest your full income from your Secondary Source because from one side you are already financially safe. Keep in Mind never be Too Greedy. Always set a Target for your Investments, when you achieve this then Withdraw it or Use your Logic.

Follow These Steps-

  • Decide a Fixed amount How Much you can Invest, For Example, 5 Lakh INR.

  • Decide your Target Investment How Much you want to Grow your Money, for Example, 12 Lakh INR.

  • Always Start from Minimum for Learning.

  • When you Understand Pick a Best Stock and Start Investing.

  • Keep In Mind if you have not Knowledge of Investing then Advice with a Share Market broker. Also Never Put all your money into investing. Invest periodically.

You also Invest your Money in -

  • Real Estate

  • Bonds

  • Gold


I See Many People who Have a lot of money but they have not Knowledge of Financial.

For a Financial Strong person Investing is not Impactful, they have 10 Crores INR in their Bank, 5 Crore INR Bangla, But When I say your 1 Crore is Converted in 100 Crore then your question "What but How"? I said - "by Investment".

A wealthy Person Can Invest in these fields to Make money from Money-

  • Stocks

  • Real Estate

  • Gold

  • Bonds

  • Startups

Always set a goal and always Follow your Financial Advisor. Because investment is a Little Risky but without Risk, you cannot Grow your Money.


Now Read Carefully-

Titan Company-

If you Invest 1 Lakh INR in Titan Company in 1999, Than Your Present Value of Investment is 3 Crore 67 Lakh 50 Thousand INR in 2021. Means 400 Times (Approx) your Money is Grow from 1999 to 2021.


Eicher Motors-

If you Invest 1 Lakh INR in Eicher Motors in 1999 then the value of your Investment is 25 Crore 86 Lakh INR in 2021. Means 2600X return in 22 Years.