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Revolutionizing the Tech Industry and Empowering India: Sridhar Vembu And Zoho-

Today we are gonna talk about one of the most underrated legends of India. This is the story of a man who went from being an ordinary employee to becoming one of the biggest social entrepreneurs in India. and he has a net worth of $2.6 Billion. This is the story of a man who is running a revolutionary experiment that can solve the unemployment crisis in India by turning the remotest villages of India into the tech hubs of the world. and after Reading this story, if you think We make sense then please share this blog with as many people as possible.


Sridhar Vembu
Founder of Zoho Sridhar Vembu

The above person that we are talking about is the CEO of ZOHO Corporation and goes by the name Sridhar Vembu. Sridhar Sir is a Princeton graduate who had the perfect job in the silicon valley startup Qualcomm and that is when he realized that there are so many Indian engineers working at crucial positions at multiple billion dollar companies all across the world, and yet very few Indian companies were strong contenders in the software industry. So, he decided to step into the ring with a vision to build a software company that can empower the youth of India and that is how he started AdventNet which then became ZOHO Corporation. And since the past 22 years, ZOHO has gone from an ordinary startup to becoming a billion-dollar company with an estimated market value of $5 Billion.


Zoho Logo

Sridhar Vembu Sir decided to start a revolutionary experiment to solve the unemployment crisis in India. Now, we all know that there is a huge gap between the teachings of the college and the requirement of the industry and even after 4 years of engineering, millions of engineering students severely lack the skill to work in the industry. Now, every politician and billionaire in this country knows about this and many have even spoken about it. But very few have done something proactively to fix this problem.

This is why in 2004, the founders of ZOHO started something called ZOHO University. and here's where they started to onboard and train students with skill sets and abilities at a very young age.

Now what is unique about this system is that. Instead of asking for fees and donations from the students, ZOHO pays the student a stipend