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Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce is at the peak of luxurious vehicles and gets mad expensive because of customization.

Rolls produces ~5k vehicles a year (3-6 months to complete one)

In comparison, BMW makes 2m+ cars a year (takes 24-48 hours to complete one)

Rolls sources the best material and employs top artisans in:

  1. ◻Sewing

  2. ◻Lighting

  3. ◻Wood paneling

  4. ◻Painting

  5. ◻Engine technicians

Each ~2.5-tonne car is worked on by 50+ specialists and customizations are done by hand.


The glamour of a Roll's customization is paint. There are 44k+ colors and any request can be made ("color of my cat's fur", "diamond-crusted").

If a new color is created, it belongs to the owner and can only be re-used with permission.

The paint job -

The only robots in the factory are used to apply paint. A car can have up to 23 layers of paint (primer, base coat, color, etc.).

Add it all up: 45kg of paint on the car!

Mark Court

If you want pinstripes on your Rolls-Royce, Mr. Court is the only person (among RR's 2k+ employees) who can do it.

He uses a squirrel-fir brush (LOL) and takes 3 hours to get the job done. Court flies around the world to add pinstripes.

Self-righting wheels -

The RR logo on the vehicle's wheels does not rotate because the caps are on non-rotating bearings.

Starlight -

The interior of a RR can be adorned with lights that mimic the night sky.

A light specialist weaves 1.3k+ fiber optics cables into an interior roof to create various "shooting star" effects.

Upholstery -

RR sources leather from bulls. One car uses up to 9 hides.

And a custom interior can have 1m+ individual stitches for a design.

Silent ride-

A RR has 300 lbs of acoustic insulation. The tires (by Continental) also have a special foam to reduce sound.

The tires were so effective that some interior insulation had to be removed because it was causing sensory deprivation.

Wood paneling -

A single tree is used for paneling a RR interior.

The wood used on the left-hand side of the car mirrors the right-hand side. For this reason, most of a tree's wood is discarded because it can't be matched.


In 2021, RR unveiled the Boat Tail, a $28m convertible that is 19ft long (aka a "Land Yacht").

At that price, it’s probably the most expensive road car ever built. RR is only making 3 of them.

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