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Kundan Lal Jaggi (1924 to 2018) was belonging to a Punjabi Hindu family in the city of Peshawar.One of the many children he left his home and work in a restaurant. Kundan Lal Jaggi worked as a trainer at Moti Mahal Restaurant in the city of Peshawar and next 12 years he is the famous chef of the restaurant. His amazing love of tandoor makes him different from others.

In 1947 Jaggi come to Daryanagj in Delhi due to partition where set up a shop with his two friends Kundan Lal Gujral and Thakur Das Magu, Jaggi open a tandoori-style restaurant. All three friends named his rerstraunt Moti Mahal.

Founder of Butter Chicken- Kundan Lal Jaggi
Kundan Lal Jaggi


Kundan Lal Jaggi who are specialist to cook tandoori food with decades of experience had a miracle in one evening. When a group of hungry guests arrived at Jaggi's restaurant around closing time. Jaggi decided to prepare something for them. Firstly Jaggi made gravy with tomatoes, butter, and a few spices to feed everybody. Later he added the leftover portions of tandoori chicken to this gravy, giving it a unique flavor. Hungry guests love this unique dish. Jaggi added this recipe to the menu under the name Butter Chicken.

After the success of Butter Chicken Jaggi decided to continue his experiment with foods. One day Kundan Lal Jaggi experimented and created a new recipe using ‘maa ki dal’ (black gram). Where he slow-cooked the dal on the tandoor overnight with a mix of tomatoes, butter, red kidney beans (lal rajma), and spices. He cooked this dish overnight and produced a flavorful dal with a creamy consistency. He named it the Dal Makhani as a vegetarian counterpart to Butter Chicken. Both the dish got the massive success of tastes and he added these dishes to their menu.

Here we see, How a refugee who comes from Peshawar to Delhi gives us these unique dishes from his, ability, hard work, and skills. A product that has a unique taste turned into a business and the world is enjoying his legacy of food Called Daryaganj. {Founded By their Grand son Raghav Jaggi and Amit Bagga (Raghav Jaggi's Friend) }


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