Updated: May 14

Did You Know Asset is a Thing Who Always Makes Money for you By one Time Investment? There are Top 4 Assets Who is Most Popular. We Discuss it One By One. But First, if you choose Entrepreneur as a Carrer option then Must Visit Startup Wall, Where You Find Lots of stuff Related to Business.

4) Digital Things-

Our Parents had not this opportunity Because in the Past there is not Internet, but you have the opportunity to Grab this. You Can Make Digital Products Such as Course, Blog, Book, Video, Audio Book, Etc. You Can Sale your Couse Digitally, Write a Book, and Sale them Through E-Commerce. Today's World There is Lots of Digital Opportunity. In Digital Products there is Nill Fee to make Another Copy and you can Easily Scale your Business.

Jack Ma Founder of Alibaba Once Said - "Walmart Take Lots of Time to Scale their Business But Alibaba Required Only Two Servers for Scaling their business".

3) Share Market-

Share Market is a Place Where We Can Purchase Public Listed companies shares. Always analyze the Fundamentals of the company before investing. You can Read their Financials for the past 5 years. Warren Buffet, Radhakishan Damani, and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is the self Made Billionaire Only from the Share Market. Want to invest in share Market Must Read Below Blog. Share Market is Risky For Impatience People, So I advise them Not Enter Into Share-Market If You Have Low Patience.