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The Multinational Technology Giant is Evil but why? Amazon's significant market share and influence can potentially impact our future lives in several ways. Here are a few examples:

evil amazon

Consumer behavior-

Amazon's vast selection of products, competitive pricing, and easier delivery options have made it a go-to source for many consumers. As more people turn to Amazon for their shopping needs, it can shape consumer behavior and expectations, potentially influencing which products are produced and how they are sold.


Amazon is one of the largest employers in the world, and its labor practices can influence industry standards. For example, Amazon's use of automation and other efficiency measures may encourage other companies to adopt similar practices, potentially leading to job loss in certain industries.

Technology development-

Amazon's investment in technology, such as artificial intelligence and robotics, can impact the future of these industries. Amazon's innovations in logistics and supply chain management

also, influence the development of these fields.

Media consumption-

Amazon's ownership of media outlets, such as Prime Video and Audible, can shape the types of content available to consumers and influence what stories and ideas gain visibility.

Other Issues-

Labor practices: They have faced criticism for its treatment of workers, including claims of low wages, poor working conditions, and inadequate safety measures.

Antitrust issues: Amazon has been accused of using its market power to stifle competition and harm small businesses.

Environmental impact: Amazon's massive shipping operations have significant environmental impacts, including carbon emissions and waste.

Tax avoidance: Amazon has been criticized for its tax practices, including using loopholes to avoid paying its fair share of taxes.

Data privacy: Amazon's collection and use of user data have raised concerns about privacy and security.


Jeff Baba

Overall, Amazon's size and influence can potentially impact various aspects of our lives, from what we buy to how we work and consume media. It is important to be aware of these potential impacts and consider them when making decisions as consumers and citizens.



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