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Updated: Nov 26, 2022

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Our brain is the powerful organ to coordinate the body. If the brain does not work properly then body parts do not work properly. Your thoughts and your surroundings make your brain and grow your thinking power. In this global world, companies follow the meritorious system, Person who has high skill and high thinking power is capable of the corporate world. Negative mindset people always oppose you from doing any attempt that is better for you. Negative power is not bad, this is a slow poison, we repeat this is a slow poison that can kill your dream and also spoil your life.

Let's See this Case study First-

Naveen and Deepak are best friends, both are big dreamers. Naveen wants to start an I.T. Business and Deepak dreaming for the I.A.S Officer. They always support each-others. Naveen is a brilliant student who always tops every exam while Deepak is an average student. After study there path are separated means both are big dreamers but both have different dreams, so they decide to separate their journey.

Deepak who is an average student now preparing for UPSC IAS. He was doing UPSC preparation under a mentor who always motivated him with their ambitions. His mind is always charged with positive vibes and 1 day his hard work succeeds him. Deepak is now a UPSC IAS Officer. Deepak and his mentor proved that hard work and positive vibes give explosive results.

Now Naveen, Who is topper of his college set a plan and execution to start an IT Company. He has a partner who always gives excuses to him that we are working wrong, we have not any clients, there is so much competition in the market, how we stand out, bla, bla, bla. He always plays a negative role in the life of Naveen. Naveen who is a bright candidate shut down his business in only 1 year.

Here we see how Naveen’s partner create a negative vibe in Naveen’s life. After the shutdown of his business, Naveen had been broked. Naveen has a girlfriend who always motivates him that one day everything will be fine. She suggest him you need to take a break and meet his loved ones. Naveen does that as his girlfriend told him.

One day Naveen meets his best friend Deepak, who is now an IAS Officer. They met and talk about their life.

Here Deepak is successful but Naveen is a failure , Deepak motivated him and told “ You were a brilliant student with an ambitious dream, you have a lot of visions for your life. You are now failed, but try, Don’t give up man”

And Deepak also advised him “ Keep away from negative mindset people” After this meeting Naveen again start his venture. He worked smartly and get succeeded in three years. And this time Naveen has been a successful businessman.

Naveen make a team and he fired immediately those people who have excuses. Now Naveen’s Company valuation is 50 crore INR.

What you learn from this case study-

1. Always surround yourself with positive thinkers

2. Negative mindset people are parasites.

3. Never give up, because success is the next chapter after failure.

4. Success takes time, here Naveen takes 3 years to succeed.

5. Always take advice from a successful person and implement their advice in your life.


A person who thinks about 20000 can make 20000 rupees, a person who thinks 2 lakh rupees, can make 2 lakh rupees, and a person who thinks about 2 crores can make 2 crores, But How? You often thought "what is the success secret of billionaires?"

Here is a Point- Thoughts are very powerful, and human beings who think big can achieve big

Don’t Question yourself- How can do this? Always question yourself- How much time does it take to achieve?

Thing Big & Grow Big only thought is not enough, you need execution, create self-discipline in your life first, because winners always follow their discipline.

You can Create Different things for self-discipline for yourself. Just Follow


1. Countdown, then take action

When you’re feeling unmotivated, count down from ten, then force yourself to do whatever it is you're doing. A quick countdown can help shift you into the right mental space to get