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Verghese Kurein's effort in White Revolution in the 1970s was responsible to create dominance in the dairy market by Amul.

A Unique model - Amul operates as a "COOPERATIVE MODEL" which is controlled by millions of milk producers in the city of Gujarat. This unique model help to control the quality and provides affordable prices. In this model benefits of the business equally distributes to its suppliers who are also members.

Focus on New Technologies: Amul has a primary focus to adopt new technologies and innovations to improve its operations and products. This organization was one of the first in India to introduce tetra-packed milk.

Strong Distribution Network: Amul has a well-established distribution network that reaches almost every small part of India. This enables the organization to humongous reach to the consumer base and maintains its market share.

Customer Centric Approach-Amul main goal is to focus on customer satisfaction. The organization's main objective is to focus on its quality and low-cost price.


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