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Founder of Sunpharma

Dilip Shanghvi is the founder and M.D. of India’s largest pharmaceutical company named SUN PHARMA. He was born on 1st October 1955, in Amreli, Gujarat. He graduated Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1976 from the University of Calcutta. Shanghvi started by helping his father in his business, which was a wholesale dealership of medicines, mainly generic drugs, in Kolkata. During this time Dilip has an idea why not manufacture our own drugs instead of selling products made by others.

In 1982, he opened his first manufacturing unit with a capital of INR 10,000 and named his venture called Sun Pharmaceutical Industries. Dilip's energy and perseverance are responsible for Sun Pharma's rapid growth.

Dilip Shanghai's Sun pharma main reason for the growth is its aggressive acquisitions. The main acquisitions are as under:

1. Ranbaxy Laboratories

2. Taro Pharmaceuticals

3. DUSA Pharmaceuticals

4. Pharmalucence

5. Pola Pharma

Dilip Shanghvi

Sun Pharma's success factors are written as under:

Acquisitions: Sun Pharma has made several strategic acquisitions over the years to expand its product portfolio and market reach. Acquisitions have helped the company enter new markets, increase its market portfolio, and gain access to new technologies.

Main Aim on Research and Development: Sun Pharma has a strong aim to focus on research and development and invests heavily in developing new drugs and technologies.

Distribution network: Sun Pharma has a strong distribution network, with a presence in over 150 countries around the world. The company has more than 40 manufacturing facilities, which enables it to manufacture and distribute products globally.

Focus on leadership: Sun Pharma focuses on its leadership. Dilip Shanghvi, who has an old player in the pharmaceutical industry runs the company efficiently.

Adopt Supply Chain Model: Sun Pharma adopt an efficient supply chain management system that enables it to deliver products to customers quickly and economically.


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